Dan Weinberger

I'm Dan Weinberger

I would love to welcome you to our unique sandwich shop! Founded in 1952 in Chicago, our brand was lucky enough to enjoy over 50 years of five stores open throughout the city due to our amazing fellow sandwich lovers! After opening our full-fledged deli in 2002 here in Grapevine, we've spent our time tailoring our sandwiches to your favorites! Over the years we emerged as a hybrid deli-sandwich shop with hundreds of choices, so you can eat your choice sandwich. When coming into our store, you'll notice our board featuring our top 20 selling sandwiches in the current year.

We make sure to keep this up to date every Spring with our contest to prove which sandwiches made it to the top! Our always changing menu offers as many as 120 additional sandwiches (give or take a few depending on your current favorites!). Don't forget our sandwich maker who can help you make your very own awesome sandwich! Feel free to make it your own! We'll be there to guide you with our experience and knowledge on your way to making the best sandwich you ever had. If you are ever not happy with our sandwiches, bring it back and tell us what you need to make it perfect for you. Don't be shy!

Our cashier's bark is worse than their bite! Enjoy your sandwich, Dan Weinberger and the Weinberger family

A Hunger To Be The Best Deli In The United States


Tom Weinberger a newly married butcher's apprentice would like to earn a little more money for his family and yearns to be his own boss. He leases a shop in Homewood, Illinois and opens a Chicken Parts Store. A man down the street does not like him, and sold Chicken Parts cheaper than Tom could afford to buy them! So, the business started to fluttere! Tom Weinberger, my father, needed to try something different to succeed.

Fortunately, my father's customers loved him and supported him. They asked my father to bring in different food items. Things my father knew little about, Corned Beef, Pastrami, Lox, Kreplach…… To learn more about these foods, he took a part-time job at a restaurant named, the Seaway. The owner of the Seaway was Ray Markon. Ray's shop was one of the most well know delis on the South side of Chicago. The story was my father showed up in a suit and tie. Ray told him to go behind the counter to make him a sandwich. After watching him he said you're a natural and hired him on the spot. Little by little the Chicken Parts Store became a Deli. It was more of a grocery store than sandwich shop at the time.

That was the beginning of the Tom's Delis of Chicagoland. Over 30 years my father opened a total of 5 delis, one in Homewood, two in Calumet city, one in Chicago Heights and still another in Munster, Indiana. Each store evolved until he had a model sandwich shop/ deli. He found sandwiches to be the key to his success. In the mid 70's franchises like Subway and Quiznos came along. Deli's as they were beginning to die out in favor of 'The Sub Shop'. Subs ruled!

Growing up, my brothers and sisters, as well as myself spent weekends and summers working for our Dad. What we learned was second nature to us. As we grew, we all moved away from the family business. No one wanted to work a deli. We all became anything but deli workers.

My journey into the sandwich world was different. I went to college, became a biologist. Started working a 9 to 5 in the real world. I wanted to further my education and began to work on a Masters, four different master programs, only to get bored and drop out. One weekend I had a party. My family and friends came, I cooked on a Weber grill. Apparently, I had no idea how to work a grill let alone the revolutionary Weber Grill! My food sucked. No joking. It was awful. How could that be? I fed myself for years, I didn't realize what good food was? I took a cooking class. Loved it! Couldn't get enough of it. That is when I decided to study everything I could about cooking. It has been a 40-Year journey.

While taking these classes, several chefs taught sandwich making. They did not know even at my younger years I had made more sandwiches in one year then a Chef would in his entire career.

Struggle & Resolve

I watched and listened while they created sandwich after sandwich but not like I made them. And as the saying goes, "I am the Chef the Chef is never wrong". Enough was enough, I finally felt confident enough to speak up to one of my mentors. "That's not the way I was taught to make a sandwich!", I said. "Oh?" would be the retort. "Then you have been making them wrong all this time." OK? Standard answer from any of them. I wasn't considered a "CHEF". I only had cooking credentials behind me.

Well, maybe I was, and maybe I wasn't. All I knew is that my sandwiches were better looking, easier to hold, and had more flavor. AND they were made with the same ingredients that the chefs would make theirs out of.
The short of it is this, the 'Sandwich' forever had been the step child of the culinary world. The low brow of epicurean snobs. The simpleton of dishes. What's fancy about a sandwich? Filling between two pieces of bread? That's it? Anybody can do that! Take bologna and bread, everyone has had that at least once in their life. Now think this way, grill the bologna serve it on Texas toast, takes it to a whole new level.
To me my mission was, to elevate the sandwich from being a humble dish to something greater. To let others know the 'Sandwich' is a meal that could rival anything in LaRousse Gastronomic.

For that, I would hone my craft for years. I studied sandwiches from coast to coast. Each restaurant I worked for, each hotel, every book I read had something to do with sandwiches. Some sandwiches that were famous and some not. From the simple to the complex, open face, subs, wraps, Dagwoods, Reubens, Cubans, Double Deckers. I studied the types of bread, cheeses, sauces, what made the sandwiches special? All the time keeping in mind the tricks I was taught as a child in the deli to make a sandwich great.

Stacking the meats, cheeses, sauces, and vegetables, to how to cut and plate a sandwich, all of it. Combining the techniques from culinary school with that of old school delis I have a blended style of sandwich design that makes my type of sandwich unique. All that has bought me to receive all the accolades over the past several years, All the Best of issues, one of the top 12 sandwich shops in the state of Texas, the third best sandwich shop in America by Yahoo at one time. Compliments from some of the top chefs in Texas, 4.5 rating out of 5 from both Yelp and Trip advisor even higher on Google. Also, validation from a Master Chef that is currently the American Federation of Chef's reigning champion.

It's not enough to just make a sandwich. It's the why you make the sandwich, where that sandwich came, who created that sandwich, and what is it composed of. All of that makes the sandwich a critical part of the culinary experience. That is why I do what I do. All Chefs have passion for some part of the Culinary experience. Mine just happens to be the sandwich.

Do what you can with this but in a nut shell, I am good, I am knowledgeable, I am a critic, I can create greatness out of the mundane. I'll go toe to toe with the best. There are not many that can do any better than what I have learned over the past 50 plus years of sandwich making.