Dan Weinberger

I'm Dan Weinberger

I would love to welcome you to our unique sandwich shop! Founded in 1952 in Chicago, our brand was lucky enough to enjoy over 50 years of five stores open throughout the city due to our amazing fellow sandwich lovers! After opening our full-fledged deli in 2002 here in Grapevine, we've spent our time tailoring our sandwiches to your favorites! Over the years we emerged as a hybrid deli-sandwich shop with hundreds of choices, so you can eat your choice sandwich. When coming into our store, you'll notice our board featuring our top 20 selling sandwiches in the current year.

We make sure to keep this up to date every Spring with our contest to prove which sandwiches made it to the top! Our always changing menu offers as many as 120 additional sandwiches (give or take a few depending on your current favorites!). Don't forget our sandwich maker who can help you make your very own awesome sandwich! Feel free to make it your own! We'll be there to guide you with our experience and knowledge on your way to making the best sandwich you ever had. If you are ever not happy with our sandwiches, bring it back and tell us what you need to make it perfect for you. Don't be shy!

Our cashier's bark is worse than their bite! Enjoy your sandwich, Dan Weinberger and the Weinberger family