Welcome to Weinberger's Deli! Voted Best Chicago Deli in the WORLD...Okay Best Chicago Deli in Texas

Our Chicago-style deli serves delicious meaty sandwiches and subs, including our most famous creation, the Italian Beef. We know that you will love any of our sandwiches. We offer a pretty large menu so there should be something that will catch your eye, if not ask for something special. You will love it! .

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Take a look around and if you are brave enough stop on in. We will see you soon!

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All you have to do is get here. If you come here hungry we can help, If you leave here hungry, that's your own fault.

WARNING: If you are easily offended I am going to apologize in advance. Sandwich makers can be rude at times. GET OVER IT! It's not personal, we're just trying to get out customers through the line as fast as possible. Don't make them wait CAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT TO GET! Need help? Ask or be prepared! You've been warned! The Management. P.S. that's a joke!

Oh yeah, We cater too! Give us a shout (817)-416-5577